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Without any configuration, the page is pretty minimal, and the user has no way to navigate around the site. To customize your site, let's first create a .vitepress directory inside your docs directory. This is where all VitePress-specific files will be placed. Your project structure is probably like this:

在没有任何配置的情况下,页面是相当小的,用户没有办法在网站上导航。要定制你的网站,首先让我们在你的docs目录中创建一个.vitepress目录。VitePress 配置相关的文件都将放在这里。你的项目结构可能是这样的:

├─ docs
│  ├─ .vitepress
│  │  └─ config.js
│  └─
└─ package.json

The essential file for configuring a VitePress site is .vitepress/config.js, which should export a JavaScript object:

配置 VitePress 网站的基本文件是.vitepress/config.js,它应该导出一个 JavaScript 对象。

export default {
  title: 'VitePress',
  description: 'Just playing around.'

In the above example, the site will have the title of VitePress, and Just playing around. as the description meta tag.

Learn everything about VitePress features at Theme: Introduction to find how to configure specific features within this config file.

You may also find all configuration references at Configs.

在上面的例子中,该网站将有 VitePress 的 titledescription 元标签,值分别为:VitePressJust playing around

了解有关 VitePress 功能特性可以在Theme 主题中找到如何在此配置文件中配置特定功能。

你也可以在Configs 配置中找到所有的配置参考。